Electronic Assembly Contract Manufacturing

LAMPEX’s Electronic Assembly Contract Manufacturing and Engineering Services Division is housed with world-class pre-manufacturing and post manufacturing facilities. LAMPEX offers a comprehensive suite of services, from structural and functional test development, to prototyping, qualification and agency approval. All of our manufacturing services are guided by LAMPEX’s industry-leading process, dedicated to shorten product-development cycles and optimize a product’s design for manufacturing.

LAMPEX’s approach towards OEM’s is with “DDP-Design, Development & Production” with “SFQ - Speed, Flexibility and Quality”. Working on CORE areas LAMPEX - MES offers services in the following

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) CAD
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Contract Manufacturing


Our Engineering Department is comprised of experienced in-house Product Designers and Mechanical Engineers. We are here to develop and improve the Products. Though many of our customers come to us with ready-to-make 3-D CAD designs for plastics and sheet metals. We continue to offer Design Support and Consultation if needed. This includes help with early-stage Industrial and Concept Design as well as Engineering and Mechanical design. At Lampex we utilize the latest IN-Design softwares including systems for Drafting, Surfacing and Solid Modeling. These different packages allow us to handle all aspects of the design in an efficient manner.

Our design engineers, with knowledge of Mechanical and Electronics, will work closely with you and your team to fasten a close Working Relationship. We can join you at any point in the development of your project and help you move forward. This relationship between the customer and Lampex is what makes us special and gives our customers the best opportunity to succeed. Lampex is the place where your project will get careful attention to cost and detail that is necessary in order to compete and succeed in today's market.

Many of our customers have found the benefits that our experience in Part Design can deliver. We are capable of starting from your 2D design, or concept sketch and create a full 3D Design, offering you a full-fledged part design. Working closely with our customers we can become an extension of your development team. Bringing our unique blend of talents and experience to design a product that is not only functional but also ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

We strive to be the best and we are constantly updating our Techniques and Capabilities. Lampex Employees take great pride in their work and stand behind every project that has been completed. We believe that you have to succeed and we make sure that it is done right each and every time.


A quality product starts with a quality design. Our fully staffed design team is among the most talented in the industry. We are aware of the importance of designing for accuracy, ease of maintenance and reliability. Many of our designers are former toolmakers with a hands-on understanding of the build process.Getting your product to market on time is a challenge in today's competitive environment. Our engineers are ready to assist you whether it be, product design, concurrent tool design or trouble shooting of new or existing tools. We work with our customers to find the best solutions. Our dedication to your satisfaction is unprecedented in the tooling industry. Allow us to quote on your next tooling program and you will see why our customers return time and time again. Quality, competitive, on-time tooling solutions that deliver high performance.


  • Co-Design with Customers to provide Robust Parts and Tooling Conditions
  • Re-Design for better Functionality and Tooling Conditions for Cost Effectiveness
  • Assembly check for Part Interferences
  • Part Development from Concept Design
  • 3D Development of your 2-D Design
  • Prototyping


  • Injection Mould Tools For Plastics
  • Press Tools For Sheet Metals