Technical and Support Services

Lampex has a trained Team of Qualified, Experienced and Caring Engineers on stand by to service and provide answers to any problems that you may come across right from purchase decision making to end use any of our products.

Our Technical Experts will guide you through any task associated with the hardware, Software, Connections, Firmware, Application Procedure and indeed in every facet of our products and services. This level of care comes, in the case of QFP range of modules in addition to the standard warranty of one year from date of our supply against manufacturing defects that may be encountered by you.

Our Technical Support Services Include


  • Guiding for Selection
  • Design Guidance - TN/STN/Segment/AlphaNumeric
  • Controllers and Driving Circuit - Graphic LCD/LCM Panels
  • End User Application Needs - Size of PCB and End Connections
  • Cost Effective Solution


  • Hand Held Terminals - Online Support for the Customers
  • Printers - Assistance in Controllers and Driving Circuits
  • Electronic Assemblies & Contract Manufacturing Assistance
  • Training for Dealers, End Users, etc.,